tshanina and dalton

Eight months ago the Lord blessed us with a special gift. Our son, Dalton, has forever changed our lives (probably in more ways than we’ll ever know).

Since Dalton’s arrival, I’ve muddled through the waters of motherhood – this is the hardest job I’ve ever had. (If you’re a mom, I bet you’re shaking your head in agreement right now.) I’m thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness. Along with the lows He’s given us many highs that have included smiles, laughs and cuddle moments.


Through it all this little man-child has taught me some valuable life lessons.

Am I not supposed to be the one teaching him? I highly doubt this’ll be the last time I share what I’m learning from him.


Dalton is teaching me to love unconditionally.

In the mornings I can get Dalton out of his bed with horrible bed-head or the worst breath possible, but he doesn’t care. He’ll give me his adorable smile and want to be picked up!

I’ve told you before how much of an inexperienced mom I am, but Dalton doesn’t care. If I’m having a “moment” he still loves me (and thankfully he won’t remember those moments!)

Adults sum a person up by the way they look or dress, but not children. Why can’t we be more like our children and love unconditionally?


Dalton is also teaching me to go with the flow.

Having a baby with me 24/7 has been a huge adjustment. My day may not go as planned, I may not get everything checked off my to-do list, but I’m learning to go with the flow because all of those things don’t really matter. The items on my to-do list will be there tomorrow (next week, or even next year). In the grand scheme of things, my time with Dalton is only short. I want to be able to treasure these moments and not look back wishing I’d done things differently.

(Just in case you think I have everything dialed in, I don’t! I still have days where I struggle to go with the flow, but each and every I have a choice to make and when I choose to go with the flow it gets easier and easier. Learning to ask myself if the things on my to-do list really matter makes a huge difference. More often than not, the answer is no!)

Dalton, thank you for teaching me these valuable lessons. I’m blessed to be your mom, and look forward to learning with you in the future!

What life lessons have your children taught you?