Our Homemade Fire Pit

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Stop by and learn how I made my homemade fire pit. It wasn't nearly as hard as you'd think!

I’ve been dreaming about a fire pit for years, and today I’m excited to unveil our new homemade fire pit to you!

I wish I could take all the credit for being the brains behind this operation, but I was mostly the brawn. I knew the hardest part about making a fire pit was knowing how many pavers to buy. (Why do you they call them pavers anyway?)

Thankfully I have a super smart husband. As I perused the aisles of the home improvement store trying to figure out exactly which paver I wanted, Trent’s brain went to work. He quickly figured out that we needed 20 pavers per row. (Boy was I glad that I didn’t have to do that work.) The pavers were $2.50 each, so we paid a little over $150 for this entire project.

homemade fire pit

Before we headed to the home improvement store, we decided on a place to build the fire pit. It’s best if you choose an area that is flat, otherwise you’re in for a bit of work, or your fire pit may look a bit cattywampus.

We have this ginormous rock in our side yard so I thought the fire pit would be perfect right in front of the rock. It was far enough from the tree line that a fire wouldn’t spread to the woods behind the tree line, plus the rock could make for extra seating if needed. (Not the most comfortable seating, but it could work.)

homemade fire pit

I pulled out twenty pavers and began to make my first row. Before going to all of the trouble of making a complete circle, I stepped back and looked at my “pit” from a few different angles. I wanted to make sure that the spot I had picked was exactly where I envisioned it. I wasn’t about to move this puppy after putting it together.

Now, if you’re super picky, you can bring along a level and make sure that it is perfect all the way around. Course, if you go the level route, you’ll likely be moving around some dirt too. It’s totally up to you! (I’ve laid pavers both ways and the level route is a lot of work. That being said, if I was putting pavers around a flower bed in front of the house, I would have likely used a level.)

I did remove a bit of dirt from underneath the 3-4 pavers closest to the rock because when I eyeballed the circle they were just too high. And although my fire pit may not be perfectly level, I think it turned out rather well!

Stop by and learn how I made my homemade fire pit. It wasn't nearly as hard as you'd think!

All in all, it took me about an hour to put together my fire pit (that includes a few breaks – those pavers are heavy). Trent definitely would have helped me, but I put it together one day while he was at work.

Stop by and learn how I made my homemade fire pit. It wasn't nearly as hard as you'd think!

We’ve already enjoyed a couple fires around our fire pit. I told Trent it was like we took a mini vacation! It was so peaceful to watch the fire and hear the crack of the firewood!

Do you have a fire pit?

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