I recently shared about our cruise and seven days in paradise. We sailed on Holland America Cruise Line’s ms Eurodam and let me just say that it was amazing.  Everything that Holland America does is top notch and Trent and I thoroughly enjoyed our time onboard this beautiful vessel.




Our room was very warm and inviting.  One of my favorite things about our room were the towel animals that were on our bed each night after dinner! I couldn’t wait to see what animal was going to be next!

There’s no need to worry about bringing shampoo, conditioner or shower gel because they already have that taken care of for you.

Holland America strives to keep their passengers healthy.  I can’t tell you how many Purell stations there are throughout the ship.  They encouraged us to use them often!

From the moment you board the ship to the moment you disembark, the crew is there for you.  Let me just tell you that these people are hard workers.  This huge ship is immaculate and there is always someone cleaning!

The Indonesian and Filipino crews (cabin and dining stewards) are onboard the ship for 10 months at at time.  Even though they work long hours, they always have a smile on their faces and a great attitude!  It truly seemed like they were a family!  Many of them don’t have work in their countries so they are happy to be working on the ships, and truly enjoy their jobs!


Faisal and Budi were our room stewards!  They did an outstanding job and we never even knew they were there.



This little guy handed out mints, figs and some other goodies after dinner!  He also made paper roses out of napkins a few nights!



These were two of our dining stewards.  What a fun group of people!


On-Board Activities

If you were on-board to relax you were welcome to do so.  However, for those that can’t sit still there’s always something to do on-board the ship!  We received an Explorer each day that would tell us what options we had.  Here are a few of the activities that we enjoyed.

Kitchen Tour


This guy had the neatest story (as I’m sure most of the crew does).  He had a vegetable stand in his hometown and would carve fruits and veggies to attract customers.  The cruise line hired him to carve these awesome arrangements that you see here; that’s all he does on-board the ship.  What talent!


Sushi Platter


These are made of dough!




Ice Carving








The Art of Towel Folding




Places and Spaces of the Ship


These ladies played every night.  It was so relaxing to sit and listen to them after dinner!  There was also other types of musical entertainment but this was my favorite.

There were so many different areas of the ship to explore.  Here are a few of the areas that are available to sit and relax!  A few people got so relaxed that they fell asleep.







There were beautiful fresh flower arrangements all throughout the ship!



And I can’t forget the beautiful light fixtures and artwork!









Food Glorious Food

Every person that goes on a cruise talks about how good the food is.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I think we both gained at least 5 pounds on this trip.  Whether you wanted to eat at the formal dining room, grab something quick or just have dinner delivered to your room it was available, and so yummy!


Salad Bar


Deli Bar


Pasta Station


Eggs Benedict Station


Breakfast station (the crepes were yummy)


Dessert Station



One thing that we really liked was their Anytime Dining option.  While they still offer set dining times, you could choose the Anytime Dining option and go to the formal dining room at your leisure.


I’ll let the these yummy creations speak for themselves.  Not only were they yummy but the presentation was beautiful!!!


Veal Chop




Filet Mignon and Jumbo Prawns


Chicken stuffed with Mango


Tiramasu (Trent’s favorite)


Orange Meringue Roulade (My favorite – it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth!)


Creme Brulee


Red Velvet Cake


 Frozen Watermelonnie

If you’re thinking about booking a cruise I would highly recommend traveling with Holland America.  Everyone we talked to agrees that this is the best cruise line to travel with.

Holland America Cruise Line did NOT ask me to write this post and has no idea who
I am.  All opinions are my own.