A few weeks ago I shared that I took our little neighbor boy to church. I’m happy to report that this past Sunday was his third time to go with us. After his second visit I asked him if he’d like to go with us the next week. Not only did he say yes but he said that I could pick him up every week!

Our rides to church usually start with “Hey, guess what?” followed by a plethora of stories. We (I really mean he) have chatted it up! So much so that Sunday he was acting like he was sleeping on the way back to his house. Our drive through the neighborhood was quiet and I really wondered if something was wrong. But, when we pulled into his driveway he jumped right up with a big grin on his face.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in your neighbor’s house? That’s definitely where I am right now. I can only imagine what this little 7 year old’s ears have heard. He’s told me about his pet lizard (who I got to meet a few weeks ago), his mean and grouchy grandma and a few stories that I can’t even mention. Let’s just say these stories have to do with male body parts and such! ;o) He was even telling a story and asked if he could say a bad word. When I told him no he spelled it out. (Of course I had to explain that spelling it out is the same thing)!

The second week when I picked him up from his class he kinda got away from me and was running through the crowd. (Yes, I had that kid. Let’s just say that I had a lot of stares.) So, Sunday before we got out of the car we had a conversation about how he needs to stay with me when I pick him up. I wasn’t sure if he heard me or not but, lo and behold, when I picked him up he stayed right by my side!

I’m confident that God is meeting this little one each week as he goes to church. And I have no doubt that he’s soaking it up because I’m hearing about the Bible stories he’s learning. I’m excited to see what God has planned for this little life!

Thrifty T