I tackled a big project in the month of January and that was hosting a Declutter Challenge on my Healthy Living Girl Instagram account. We had a task each weekday (leaving the weekends to catch up).

shirts folded kon Marie style

While I try to keep our house neat and organized there were a few areas that needed more help than others.

It felt awesome to go through and get rid of things that we don’t love (or “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say) or no longer use. I donated some items and have also sold quite a bit on Facebook Marketplace.

In the end I decided that clearing out the clutter not only made a big difference for me physically but mentally too. Knowing I was going to open a cabinet/door and everything would be nice, neat and in its place cleared the clutter in my brain. For me those areas that I saw the most difference in were the kitchen container shelf and the bathroom storage closet.

Need to declutter your home? Check out my 3 simple tips to declutter your home and get started today. I promise you’ll be glad you did!


little boy holding two matchbox cars

Trent had to work a weekend boat show which meant Dalton and I needed to kill some time after church one Sunday morning. I told him to grab his money and that we’d head to the store and he could pick out a toy. To say he was ecstatic was an understatement!

I think we looked through just about every car and truck in the store but he finally decided which ones he wanted. We then headed to the checkout and I let him pay himself.

Why did I let him pay himself? There’s a huge difference in me paying for him and him handing his money over to the cashier. I want to teach him the value of items even while he’s little so that hopefully he’ll be responsible with his money someday.


January Reading

The All Girl Filing Station’s Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg – I had such high hopes for this book. The title said it was humorous and that was just what I needed at the beginning of the year. But alas I just couldn’t relate to the storyline so I didn’t finish it.

I will say that the part that I listened to was very well written which is why I’m giving it three stars because had I been able to relate I probably would have really enjoyed it.

Rating: ☆ ☆ ★ ★ ★

True Devotion by Dee Henderson – Dee Henderson did not disappoint with this fabulous book. I love all of the twists and turns while trying to figure out if Kelly and Joe (a Navy Seal) will end up together. This one was so good that I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Audacious by Beth Moore – This is a very thought provoking read as Beth encourages us to pursue an audacious love for our Savior.

Rating: ☆ ★ ★ ★ ★



My best buddy (and neighbor) Jayden had his end of year football banquet so of course I went to celebrate and cheer him on. My how he’s grown into a handsome young man. It was just a few years ago that he came over for the first time to show me his turtle Shelly.


two women

My friend Teri and I went out to dinner to celebrate our one year friendiversary. (I’m so glad she remembered which month we met because I sure didn’t. HA!)

We met in a unique situation as we were both stretching ourselves as introverts. Watch this video to see what I’m talking about.


January Writing

open laptop

When Fear and Worry Grip Your Heart – Fear and worry had gripped my heart. The “what ifs” were filling my mind. Thankfully I didn’t stay stuck in my fear and worry for long. I was able to work through it and want to share how you can too!

A Day in the Life of a Mom and Her Preschooler – Juggling life with a preschooler can be fun, all over the place and difficult at the same time. I love learning and growing from other moms. Seeing what works for them gives me hope that my son and I can have great days together too. And that, friend, is why I’m going to show you a day in the life of a mom (me) and her preschooler.

My Totally Honest Lena Cup Review – Have you been on the fence of deciding whether or not to try a menstrual cup? I’m sharing my totally honest Lena Cup review and answering a ton of your frequently asked questions. I’m confident that if you keep reading you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s right for you.


little boy playing in mud puddle

We went from playing outside in mud puddles in the month of January to having our first dusting of snow for the season.

little boy in the snow

I wish you could have heard how excited Dalton was as he peeked out the window to see the snow. It was barely enough to cover the ground but there was nothing more he wanted to do than go outside and play in it. And I’m glad he did because it was gone by that afternoon.

Now to see what February will entail!