february traffic and income report

Last month we began the journey of seeing if I can make an income from Thrifty T’s Treasures. I shared how I was inspired by Ruth Soukup’s eBook How To Blog For Profit (Without Selling Your Soul). If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!

February is the shortest month of the year so I wasn’t sure what that was going to do to my numbers. But even with the shorter month, I was able to bump my pageviews up by 1,500 (slow and steady wins the race, right?) and almost double my earnings! I’m sure it won’t be like this every month, but it was definitely encouraging to me! Take a look:


Sponsored Post via SocialSpark – $50

Google Adsense – $38.57

Amazon Affiliate Network – $18.18

My Savings – $13.48

Escalate Network – $5.37

Media.net – $8.70

Lijit – $5.23

Skimlinks – $1.13

Total Income – $140.66



Food Cost – $24.05
*I generally take food costs out of my grocery budget, but this was for my Homemade Mozzarella Cheese post that I wanted to make specifically to share on the blog!

Host Gator (hosting) – $6

Feedblitz – $1.34

Total Expenses – $31.39


NET INCOME – $109.27


Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview - February


Top 10 Traffic Sources

Top 10 Traffic Sources - February


Let’s Talk Affiliate Networks

When your blog readers click on an affiliate link and buy a product, you receive either a flat rate or a percentage of the sale (it depends on the offer and the network).

I mainly use Escalate and MySavings to link to coupons in my grocery shopping trips or when I share printable coupons! Every once in a while they’ll have a super fabulous campaign that I absolutely have to share with you. (If you’re a deal blogger, this is a perfect network for you!)

Payout = I earn $.42 for each coupon print session. (Hey, every penny counts, right?)

For the entire list of affiliate networks that I use, check out my resources page.


Changing Ads Around

This month I moved a few ads around. I’ve read that you should wait to experiment with ads until you’ve reached 50,000 pageviews. The change in ads wasn’t experimenting to see if I could make more money, it was more of a visual change.

header screenshot

I decided to remove the the ad from my header. While that is one of Google’s “hot spots,” I felt like it took away from the look I was going for here at Thrifty T’s Treasures. Sure, I want to make a few bucks but not for the sake of ads taking over my site. I’m okay to “lose” a few bucks a month in order to stay true to myself! (You have to admit that my header looks a lot better without the ad – much cleaner!)

I also moved the 300 x 250 Google ad that was at the top of the sidebar down, added a 300 x 250 Lijit ad and a Lijit (160 x 600) and Google (120 x 600) ad. I moved the ads around mid-February. I’ll be interested to see how they do as my site grows.


Driving Traffic

Up until last October, I had the mindset of “If you build it, they will come.” I’ve since learned that unless you’re a celebrity or have a ton of contacts/friends, this theory is generally not true. As a blogger, we have to consistently work to drive traffic to our site! This takes work…lots of work.

For me, the biggest way to draw traffic to my site is Pinterest. You will find me on Pinterest daily pinning away (and not just my content but the content of others.) I’m also working on building my Facebook page, but as we all know, that’s hard work.


It’s Your Turn To Share

If you’re a blogger, I’d love to know what worked for you this month. What affiliate networks are working for you? What ad networks are you using? Where is your traffic coming from? (Please share in the comments below!)


(The links in this post are my referral link. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.)