Early last week my sister, Leah, called and invited me over for dinner and a movie! I was super pumped and looked forward to it all week!

me, joel and elizabeth

Saturday arrived and I was attending/serving at my friend’s memorial service. By the time I left for Leah’s house I was a bit drained, but these sweet faces made it all better. It’s amazing what a big hugs can do isn’t it?

me and jacob

Jacob will be 15 this year, and he’s almost as tall as me! I sound like an old lady, but, it’s amazing how fast they grow up isn’t it?

apple dumplings

When I arrived at their house I was welcomed to the smells of apples and cinnamon. (It took me back to my childhood days at my grandma’s house where she would make apple dumplings!) Leah had gotten a deal on apples and she had been making apple butter and apple sauce earlier that day. Yummo!

apple dumplings 2

These puppies were so good they made me want to smack my momma! Oh wait, that wouldn’t be very lady-like would it now?

joel and his apple dumplings

They were gluten free but didn’t taste at all like it. Our highly allergic Joel gave these apple dumplings two thumbs up!

apple dumplings 1

Doesn’t this pic just make your mouth water. The warm apple dumpling is melting the ice cream. My how I wish I had another one!

leah and jacob

We topped the night off by watching Here Comes The Boom! This was a cute movie that you and your family should check out. You wouldn’t think it by the name but the movie has a great storyline.

What did you do this weekend?

Thrifty T