tshanina and elizabeth

Yesterday afternoon my niece, Elizabeth, and I headed out to do a bit of shopping. She had some cash burning a hole in her pocket (part of which was the money we gave her for Christmas).

When I asked her where she wanted to go, Dollar Tree was first on her list. She’s a smart girl because you can find some great steals and deals there.

tshanina and elizabeth

zest soap

I had a hunch that she was going to have Dollar Tree on her list of places to stop, so I grabbed my $1 Zest Cocoa Butter coupon to snag some free soap. (Hopefully you printed yours when I shared it with my printable coupon round-up a few days ago. If not, it’s still available to print.)

Products at Dollar Tree vary, so I wasn’t sure if my store would have this “flavor” of Zest. But sure enough, they did! Woot! I don’t coupon shop too often at Dollar Tree, mainly because my store will only accept two printable coupons per transaction.

If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, print your $1 Zest Cocoa Butter coupon and take it with you to snag FREE soap the next time you go!

utensil drawer

Money Saving Mom is currently doing her Four Weeks To An Organized Home Series. And while I haven’t been doing the cleaning chores, she did inspire me to organize my utensil drawer.

organized utensil drawer

While I was at the Dollar Tree I picked up these bins to clean up my utensil drawer. It looks loads better, don’t you think?

corn starch

And I also picked up some plastic containers (4 for $1 – not too shabby). I used one of them to store my corn starch. I’m pretty confident that this new method will keep it fresher. :O)

What goodies have you found at the Dollar Tree lately?