My task list wasn't growing any smaller and I was growing stressed. Then I asked myself one question, does it really matter?

My plans for the weekend had been booked for months. It was Fall Retreat for the students at our church and I was super pumped to be a leader.

As I finished my workday on Thursday, I had high hopes for Friday morning. There were quite a few tasks on my to-do list and I had every intention of completing them before the arrival of the weekend, and the retreat.

I started on my list, but as I began to check off items it wasn’t getting any smaller. Then my internet was giving me problems – it got slower and slower. (Having slow internet is definitely a large problem for someone that works online all day!)

I could feel my blood pressure rising and I wanted to scream! (Yes, I really mean that!) I was totally stressed out because I’d been working on my to-do list for hours and I still had quite a bit that I wanted to get done.

Even though I didn’t really have time for it, I knew a break from my work was necessary because my brain was about to explode.

My task list wasn't growing any smaller and I was growing stressed. Then I asked myself one question, does it really matter? photo credit

As I began packing and getting ready for my trip, it hit me. I began asking myself if the things on my to-do list really mattered? I knew I’d already finished the items that I had to get done, and the things that were left were things I wanted to get done. I realized that I was stressing myself out for no reason because if I looked back after the weekend, the unfinished tasks really weren’t going to matter.

I picked up my computer and quickly began moving items on my to-do list to other days. I wasn’t going to be able to finish everything and there was no need to stress about it.

When I finally jumped in my car and headed out for the weekend, I was at peace with not having everything done. Those things weren’t going anywhere and I purposed to not to give them a second thought! The only thing that mattered was serving the students at the retreat.

Can You Relate?

Even though I’m perfectly fine with sharing this story just for myself, I have a sense that I’m not. Perhaps you’re like me and you push yourself to the limits. You make lists but never give yourself grace if your tasks aren’t checked off.

If that’s you, I’m going to ask you the same question that I asked myself. Does it really matter? If _______ doesn’t get done, is it going to matter in a month (or even a year)? If _______ isn’t perfect, are your family or guests really going to notice?

If the answer is no, extend yourself some grace (and relieve some stress) and mark it off your list. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

What do you need to give yourself grace for, or even mark off your list?

Thrifty T

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