My mom recently sent me an article on Fox News sharing how a Massachusetts man made his last mortgage payment in pennies. “Thomas Daigle in April dropped off about 62,000 pennies weighing 800 pounds.” Wow, now that’s a lot of pennies.

He started saving pennies when he moved into his house and wanted his last payment to be “memorable.” I love it – what a great story he’ll have to tell to generations to come!

When Trent and I first set the goal to pay off our mortgage I knew we’d have to do some creative planning. So, we cut the fat out of our budget, looked for other ways to save, and I started couponing. Isn’t it funny how doing a few simple things can give you the momentum to reach your goal sooner? (We actually paid it off over a year early!) Dave Ramsey describes this type of focus as being “gazelle intense.”

Just as the Massachusetts man knew he was one step closer to his goal with each penny that he saved, we too can start moving closer to our goals. All we need to do is take that first step – start doing a written budget, cut back on something, be intentional with our saving/spending, or countless other things. What’s it going to be for you?

Or, maybe it’s time for you to set some financial goals. Where would you like your finances to be in 1, 5, even 10 years? Write some goals down and start tracking towards them today! I promise that you’ll never be sorry for writing down goals!

What’s your big financial goal? What creative things are you doing to reach that goal?

Read the full article about the Massachusetts man here. (Thanks, Mom, thanks for sending the article and inspiring this post!)

Thrifty T