So, one of my goals for the month was to clean out/vacuum the laundry room. As you’ll see below, it really needed vacuuming more than it did the cleaning out.



I’m not really sure why I hold on to some things longer than others. For instance, Princess (my Miniature Dachshund – yes, I named her after myself – grins) hasn’t been a puppy in, well, forever, but I’ve held on to her potty training pads for forever. I think I remember how much I paid for them and that’s why I don’t want to let them go. Well, the day has come to say goodbye!

I shouldn’t admit this but I also found a Christmas apron that had a card in it from one of my wedding showers. I’ve never worn it. Ha! That, too, is going to find another home.

As I pulled down this box on the left, I couldn’t remember what was in it. Well, it was old cleaning supplies. I was able to combine a few items with existing bottles, threw those old t-shirt rags away, and the rest of the box is history!

No, those aren’t baby clothes in that photo on the right. They are Princess clothes! She’s only outgrown one outfit.



This was the main reason for cleaning out the laundry room. If you look closely you’ll see scads of dust – and I can’t believe I’m actually showing you these photos. Oh well, I always try to keep it real around here! To be honest, in my almost six years of living at this house, I don’t remember ever vacuuming out the laundry room before. Blush. It definitely looks loads better!

Of course Princess had to have a fashion show with the clothes we found! And, although she doesn’t like to sit still for photos, I definitely had to share them with you, lip-licking and all!

How could this face not make you smile? Isn’t she adorable?

How often do you clean out your laundry room?

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