Yep, chickens, roller skates and cows…that’s what my afternoon consisted of! And boy was it fun hanging out with the family!

charity and elizabeth

Our afternoon started off with roller skating with the local homeschoolers.

charity and tshanina

It’s been forever since I’ve skated so I opted to sit this one out and be the official camera woman! Let me just say that I’m tons better at taking pictures than I am at skating. On the other hand, Leah and Charity strapped on their skates and rolled around with the best of ’em.

joel roller skating
Even though a few of the kids took some nasty falls, there was fun had by all! The best part was that there was no complaining and no tears!
joel and incoln
Have you seen these contraptions they’ve made to help kids learn how to skate? I must admit that I was a skeptic when I first saw them. But, I’m here to tell you that they work. Before Lincoln got his he was clinging to the wall and his arms were flailing all over the place; once he got this helper he was whirling around the rink with everyone else! (What will they come up with next?)

rooster and chickens

Our next stop was to a friend’s farm.

ray holding chicken

What a sweet, sweet man Mr. Ray is! He was great with the kids and taught us a lot about his animals. He even encouraged the kids to run around his yard and chase his chickens…this was a site to see!
roosting chickens
This picture reminds me of all of those animated shows that have chickens roosting and talking to each other. (Do you ever wonder what animals think about human beings? Random, I know!)

lincoln, cole and joel

Sadly, I didn’t get many pictures of Cole because he wasn’t too keen on the idea. Hey, that’s the way it goes…sometimes they’ll smile and sometimes they won’t.

tshanina and levi

And then there are those that are hams when the camera is around! I’m never sure what faces I’m going to get when we take self-portraits. I love this one!

charity, lincoln and joel

Mr. Ray let us pile atop his truck and took us with to help him feed his cows!


We weren’t quite sure if the cows were going to charge us when we started feeding them off of the back of the truck. They were quite friendly, though, and even posed for a few pics! And, I’m happy to report that everyone left the farm unscathed!


Sometimes it’s the small things, like being together, laughing and learning, that can be so fun!

Thrifty T