As you begin to budget you will find that you have a newfound freedom. There are many people who go to the ATM or look online to see what the balance is in their checking account. If they have a few hundred dollars in their account they may go on a shopping spree. What they don’t consider is the $200 check that they wrote the day before that hasn’t cleared yet.

A few weeks ago your task was to put a dollar figure in each budget category. As you move forward, something you have to keep in mind is that each category is a mini-savings account. You are planning for the future. While you may have “extra” in your checking account now, you will later use that money to pay for Christmas presents, insurance bills, etc. You no longer need to look at your checking balance to see how much money you have because you already know.

Budgets are ever changing; I don’t want you to feel like the dollar figure you have in each category is set in stone. If you need to change a number then do so. We’ve all had to do some finagling with the numbers to make it work.

One exciting thing to keep in mind is that when you get a bonus it’s really going to feel like a bonus. You won’t have to just add it to your checking account because you’ve overspent. You’ll be able to do something awesome with it. If you’d like, dream up about what you’d do with a bonus!!!

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