Although I get four papers a week, I don’t usually read the paper.  However, the Tennessean had an article by Ms. Cheap that caught my eye.  Every year she has a cheapest of the cheap contest.  These are a few entries that were too cheap for even her.

I just had to share a few of these because they are hilarious.  I can’t believe people will go this far.

  • “I minimize my electric usage by having only one appliance being used at a time.  When I get off work, I can navigate my small bathroom without turning on the light.  My living room is also small and I sit in the dark or use a candle.”
  • “I use my disposable straw over and over again.  I just wash it real good and use it again at least two times a day.”
  • “I don’t shave my legs, wash my hair or use face was as much as I used to so that I don’t have to buy shaving cream, shampoo/conditioner and face wash as often.” (Obviously this person is not a couponer because we can get these items free all the time.)
  • “I have a favorite calendar I reuse from year to year.  The first day of the month, I simply thumb through the calendar to find a month where the first day falls on the appropriate day of the week and I’m set for another month.  I overlook that it is now February and my calendar displays September.”
  • “If you have a pair of black patent shoes and no black polish, split open a biscuit and rub it on the shoe.  Let dry and buff.  The grease from the biscuit will keep a shine until you can get more polish.”
  • (This one’s my favorite.) “Use a business or public restroom when out and about, as long as it is clean.  In the morning, if you feel the need to go but think you can hold it, go when you arrive at work.  As you are leaving work, go again.  When at the grocery, church or any other place of business you support, be aware when you need to go and do it.  You will save on toilet paper, water bills and hand soap at home.”  They tipster said that a family of three could save $.75 a week this way.

Thrifty T