jaydens footall

With fall comes football. Dalton and I have headed out to cheer on Jayden, our neighbor boy, at this football games. Jayden loves football and it’s fun to see him charge down the field or sack the quarterback.

Wouldn’t you agree that sports are more fun to watch when you know someone on the team?

Tshanina and Dalton

Thankfully Dalton has done quite well at the games! Much like me, he loves to watch people. So he’ll sit in his stroller and usually doesn’t get antsy until close to the end of the game.


The Coolest Rainbow


Random, I know! But this rainbow was just so awesome that I had to share it with you. It’s the biggest and brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen. Even cooler, it spanned the whole skyline and was too big to fit in my camera screen!

I had to laugh at myself because I automatically thought of two things when I saw it. Of course I thought of Noah and the ark and God giving them a rainbow as a promise to never flood the Earth again. But I also thought of a leprechaun and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. HA!


Celebrating Birthdays

Trent and Tshanina

Trent and I both had birthdays this month. We celebrated with an ice cream cake (for him), Gigi’s Cupcakes (for me) and a date night! If you hadn’t guessed, birthdays are low-key around our house (and that’s just the way we like it).

I’m so thankful that Trent was born and that the Lord has blessed me with him. It’s so fun to get to do life with this man!


Dalton’s Corner


One of Dalton’s favorite pastimes is going into my closet when I’m in the bathroom doing my hair or getting ready for the day. As you can see, he likes to pull the shoes off the shoe rack.



Dalton loves his daddy (and, of course, Trent adores him too)! He may have only said mommy once or twice but he talks about his daddy every day.


This is what our monthly photo shoot has come to folks! He no longer wants to wear the sticker. He’d rather play with it than smile for the camera.


Can you believe this is his 3rd haircut (in under 11 months)?!? I owe it all to the extra fruits and veggies he’s been getting. (Now that he’s almost weaned, he’s started taking the chewable version of Juice Plus and loves it!)


Well, that’s a peek into our month. Now it’s time for you to share!

What have YOU been up to?