It’s been kinda quiet around our house. Well, except for a crying baby every now and then, but that’s normal with a little one!

I hesitated sharing a peek into our week post but figured you’d be itching to see a few baby pics. :O)

Dalton 5 months

Back To Church

dalton and tshanina

A few weeks ago we ventured to church for the first time since Dalton was born. When he was first born his feeding routine just wasn’t cohesive to get to church and back to the house in a three hour window. When we finally moved to the four hour routine it was doable. But then flu season and crazy cold weather came into play and that kept us at home.

I’m thankful that our church broadcasts sermons online, but boy have I missed worshiping corporately. Watching online just doesn’t compare to being there.

Remember the post I wrote about the song Oceans and how my faith was tested? Well, wouldn’t you know that was the first song in the worship set the first Sunday we were back. It was so neat to be reminded that the Lord was and is with me!

Dalton’s Corner

dalton in jumper

Dalton doesn’t want to lay around as much anymore (and I venture to say he’ll be sitting up on his own very soon). He loves to play in his “Johnny Jump Up” that his Nana gave him for Christmas.

dalton in exer saucerThe Exer Saucer, well, he’s still getting used to that. And as you can see, we have to prop him up with towels right now. He’ll get it!

My Favorite

dalton, trent, tshanina

This is my favorite picture from this week. It was finally warm enough that we could hang out outside (up until it got cold our Sunday evening tradition was to sit on the front porch). This was Dalton’s first time to have “porch time” with the family!

How has your week been? Do you have warmer weather at your house?