tshanina and dalton

I had grandiose plans to share this post with you last Thursday, but life happened. I came home from running my errands, sat down to start writing and learned that our modem had bit the dust. I’ll spare you all the nightmarish events surrounding getting us back up and running. After five days without internet, we’re finally back up and running!

Sure, I could have headed to a family member’s home or a local coffee shop to get my writing done, but I figured you’d understand because you’re just awesome like that! Not having internet for a few days really showed me how much I rely on it, which is kind of scary.

So, without further delay, here’s a peek into June. :o)

Walking It Out

tshanina and dalton walk

I recently told you about the simple changes I’ve been making. Well, my most recent simple change has been adding a morning walk to our routine. I strap Dalton in the stroller and we’ll go for a stroll around the neighborhood. He loves checking things out and I’m getting a good workout (especially when Princess rides along).


Closing One Door and Opening Another

A few months ago the Lord nudged at my heart that it was time to close my web design business. Trying to juggle everything was just becoming too much!

My business had never really taken off like I had hoped, and I now know that was because the Lord had planned to bring Dalton into our lives. After talking with Trent, we both agreed it was the best decision for our family for right now. I’ll still continue to work with my current customers, but won’t be taking on any new ones. After making that decision, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders – one that I didn’t realize I had been carrying around!

jp bonus check

The Lord may have closed one door, but I love how he opened a new door. My new side hustle, Juice Plus, is perfect because it allows me to “work” when I have the time using stolen mommy moments. (I say “work,” because it doesn’t feel like work but more sharing!)

I’ve already gotten paid twice from my side hustle, and have also earned a bonus check! Woot!


A Fishin’ He Will Go

trent fishing

Trent went on his annual fishing trip this month. It’s a great time for him to recharge his batteries and have some “man time.”

While he was away, Dalton and I took our own little day trip and visited my sister-in-law who lives about an hour away. I also scheduled Dalton some time to hang out with my sister and my friend. I was so glad I scheduled these breaks for myself because I wouldn’t have been able to survive without them. My hat is off to those of you who are single moms. I don’t know how you do it!


Family Time

family june 2015

I was so excited that my sister and her boys drove all the way from Missouri to hang out with us for the week. We only get to see them about twice a year so it’s a special treat when they’re here.

family june 2015

Other than taking the kids to the pool a few times, most of the time we just hung out, played cards and visited. (I’m a chill kinda girl so this is the perfect way to spend time with family.)


Dalton’s Corner

Dalton 8 months

Dalton is totally mobile now. He’s crawling and all over the place, and learning the word “no,” especially when he plays with cords. He loves to pull up on just about everything, and I can definitely tell that he can’t wait to walk.

His first word was momma, but he only says it when he’s fussing. (Of course!)

Dalton 8 months

He’s enamored with birds and wakes up talking about them. (Yes, he really says bird). When we take him outside he loves to look for them, and if he hears them chirping he’ll say “bird.” He’s a true outdoorsman, like his dad!


Well, that should just about fill you in with what’s going on around the Peterson household.

What fun things have you been up to?