Tshanina and Dalton

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but it is quite hot here in Tennessee. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t remember it being this hot last summer!

Unless it’s early morning or evening, it’s just too hot outside for this little guy. (What am I saying? It’s too hot outside for me too!) Dalton loves to be outside so we’ll both be glad when it gets a bit cooler.


A Project Gone Wrong!

I had come up with the perfect project for my new side hustle – a DIY Personalized Stamp. It was also a fabulous idea for a blog post so it was going to be a win-win!


I bought the kit I needed to make my stamp. A few days after it arrived I sat down to start working on my project during one of Dalton’s naps. I was very careful to follow the directions so that I wouldn’t botch up my stamp.

After spending Dalton’s entire naptime carving my stamp, I tested it on some paper and this is what I had made!


I cannot tell you how livid I was! (In fact, the word livid is probably an understatement.) Not only had I wasted valuable time that I could never get back, but the directions specifically said that text or lettering needed to be in reverse. I understood that to mean that the template needed to be in reverse so that’s what I had done. (I used the bottom template in the picture below.)


Well, obviously not! To make sure I wasn’t losing it, I asked both my mom and Trent what they would have done and they would have made it the same way. I was glad I hadn’t totally lost my mind!

Please tell me that you’ve had projects like this go awry!


9 Years of Wedded Bliss

This month we celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. In some ways it feels like yesterday and in other ways it feels like we’ve scaled a few mountains together. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to be on this journey of life with anyone else. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful man that boldly follows the Lord and leads our home, is extremely patient with me, and continually makes me laugh (just to name a few of the reasons why I love him).

anniversary gift

Not only did he take me out for dinner to celebrate, but he also brought me flowers and some Gigi’s Cupcakes (one of my absolute favorite sweet treats)!

tshanina and trent

Before we headed out to our celebratory dinner, of course we had to take a few pictures of ourselves. Here’s a peek into what I have to “endure” when we take selfies. :) And wouldn’t you know that the best picture turned out to be the one where he gave me the rabbit ears. Of course!


Dalton’s Corner

Trent and Dalton

Dalton adores his daddy and it’s so cute to watch him way bye-bye to daddy when he goes to work.

I love that he’s starting to communicate with us. This month he successfully did the “all done” sign when he was finished eating. It was so fulfilling because this is the first sign I started using with him and he finally got it!


As I stood at the dryer folding clothes one day I could hear the sound of water. (The washer/dryer is right across from a bathroom.) Then it hit me that Dalton was the one playing in water. And of course, he was sloshing his hands in the toilet water (ugh!!!), and having a big time doing it!

Dalton and Tshanina

We continue to head out for our morning walks most weekday mornings. We’ve been doing this for a little while now and Dalton quite enjoys taking in the sights from the neighborhood. Each morning when I ask him if he’s ready to take a walk he gives me that little grin!

Dalton 9 months That should just about catch you up with what’s been going on around here.

What have you been up to?