If you’re anything like us you have projects that you would love to get done but you just seem to keep putting them off.  There are two large trees in our back yard.  One of them, a cedar tree (the tree on the right), is overgrown with “junk trees.”  Our challenge was to clean up both trees.

Before – Cedar Tree


Before – Other Tree



Because we were working so hard, I didn’t do a very good job of taking pictures during the middle of the project.  This is just a small sampling of all the limbs that Trent cut.



This is part of the crew taking a well deserved rest.



After – Cedar Tree



After – Other Tree



A few hours, lots of sweat, and a few cuts and scrapes later, we finished.  It looks so much better and it was a very fulfilling task.  Thank you to my sweet husband who worked so hard in helping me with a task that he wasn’t too excited about.  As a reward, we went fishing this afternoon!!!

Thrifty T