Which Coupons Should I Keep?

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Do you ever wonder which coupons you should keep? When I first started couponing, I had quite a few people tell me that I should keep all coupons until they expire. I wondered if that was true but reluctantly clipped and kept them all. Then, when I found an item that was free plus overage with a coupon, I knew it was true. I love making money while couponing, don’t you?


What exactly does free plus overage mean? If an item is $1 and you have a coupon for $1.25, Publix will take the remaining $.25 and apply it towards the rest of the items in your order. When shopping at the drug stores, you usually cannot use this method because they will take the price of the coupon and adjust it down to the actual cost of the item. However, if after purchasing your item you are to receive a register reward (Walgreens) an Extra Care Buck (CVS), or a Single Check Rebate (Rite-Aid), this is where you will receive your overage and make your money.


If the free item is something you won’t use, you can always donate it or give it to a friend that will use it; or, you could save it for a yard sale or sell it on Ebay. There have been a couple times when I threw coupons away before they expired (I wanted to kick myself afterwards) but I don’t do that anymore. They are in the trash once they expire but not one day before that. So, keep on clipping.


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