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Do you get frustrated at not being able to complete the goals you’ve set for yourself, or maybe at not even having the time to set goals?  As I was chatting with a friend a few days ago she shared her frustration at not being able to get the regular household tasks done. I remember a time when the only goal that I could set for myself was to pay that week’s bills (if you haven’t already read it, check out a bit of my story).

How It All Started

Last November when I decided to set monthly goals, it hit me that I was wasting a lot of time each and every day. You see, I realized that I was doing an awful lot of staring (at the tv, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Much like when I started a budget forever ago, I decided that I don’t want to look back in 10 years and realize how much time I’ve had with nothing to show for it!

Instead of staring at the tv and computer, I could use my time to read books (I’m happy to say that I’ve read at least one a month since November – that’s awesome for me), work on a craft project or spend some time with my family. I’ve also added a few new recipes to my repertoire!

Where Should You Begin

If you’re unsure of what goals to set, ask yourself who you want to be in 10 years. I wanted to be somewhat healthy and take care of the body that the Lord has given me, thus I added exercising and drinking water daily to my list. (I’m still struggling with drinking the water I might add – baby steps!) I wanted to have a deeper relationship with my Savior so I added scripture memorization to my list. (This has been life changing and such a comfort during difficult times!)

A Bit of Accountability

Each month I share my monthly goals in order to keep myself accountable to you. I’ve shared before that I probably wouldn’t finish my monthly goals if I didn’t know I was going to report back to you. (And thank you to those who have been holding me accountable and encouraging me to continue on!)

I don’t share my monthly goals to brag but to encourage you to be the best person you can be. If you don’t feel like you are at a time in your life where you’re able to set goals know that it’s ok and don’t beat yourself up. When you decide that it’s time to set those goals, start small. Start out with 1-2 goals and work your way up from there. You may be like me and be surprised at what you can get done.

Do you set goals? What’s one goal you’re working on?

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