Coupon Etiquette, Week 5

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Over the last few weeks we’ve touched on a few coupon etiquette rules. This series has only scratched the surface and we could probably go on for another month.

Today we’re going over a few miscellaneous rules.

Doublecheck the items on sale: Just because you see a deal on a blog doesn’t mean that you don’t need to doublecheck the item at the store to make sure it’s on sale. There are many deals that are regional. Also, keep in mind that bloggers are real people and we mess up from time to time.

Check the sizes: The ad and hangtag state the size of the item on sale. Make sure the item that you grab is the correct size. You don’t want to get up to the register (or worse than that, home) to find out that you picked up the wrong item.

Don’t be a whiner: There have been many times that I’ve been frustrated when an item is out of stock. However, it’s not the cashier’s fault. It’s one thing to voice your frustration but don’t be a whiner and constantly complain. If you’re that upset about something, talk to the store manager or corporate. They’re usually the ones who can do something about your problem, not the cashier.

Check for limits: Nowadays most stores have limits on how many deals you can get. Find out what the limit is before you load up your cart.

Pay attention: Paying attention at the register can save you loads of time. As your cashier is scanning your items, watch to make sure that your items ring up for the correct price. This will save you from having to head to customer service and make a return.

Be friendly: Believe it or not, cashiers are real people with real feelings too. Always remember that your attitude determines the way people view you. How do your cashiers view you?

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