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Quite a few years ago I fell into the wonderful tradition of taking my niece and nephews (that live in the area) shopping for their birthday. I say “fell into” because it wasn’t an idea I came up with on my own. You see, I’ve never really been good with remembering birthdays and such!  One year I totally forgot a birthday and offered to take them shopping so they could pick out their gift. And there the tradition was born!

birthday shopping trip
While there are times that the kids would rather have cash because they’re saving for a big ticket item, most often they choose to go shopping! It’s fun for me because we get to spend great time together. It’s fun for them because they get to spend my money!

birthday shopping trip

Before we head into the store they know how much they have to spend – and the amount I give them includes tax. As with this trip Elizabeth had money from another aunt and some extra cash of her own so she was able to grab a few extras! (Isn’t she a doll, by the way?)

birthday shopping trip
Ah, the excitement of a new gift. I can see it on her face – she wants to tear into the box!

birthday shopping trip
Most of the time the kids know what they want. Even if their birthday is a few months away they’ll say, “When we go shopping for my birthday I’d like to go to…” I love it!

Sometimes we go to a couple stores to compare prices. Elizabeth and I even meandered around the clearance section looking for great finds! (It’s a great time to teach them to spend their money wisely!)

Tshanina and Elizabeth
And, of course, it wouldn’t be a fun birthday treat if we didn’t get to stop and have a bite to eat!

I savor these moments because I realize that once they become teenagers (one already has) they’ll probably want the cash to spend! And, I’m just fine with that because we can find other fun things to do!

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