April Traffic and Income Report – $12.45

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Check out my blog traffic and income report for the month of April!

I know exactly what you’re thinking! You’re wondering how I went from making $187 last month to only making $12 this month. Well, I’m a firm believer that you have to spend money to make money. This month the majority of my income went into a new mission that I have been sharing here on the blog. Keep reading to find out more.


The Blogger Network – $140.71

Amazon Affiliate Network – $49.78

Juice Plus – $22.75

Total Income – $213.24



Juice Plus (yearly distributor fee, samples & postage) – $163.78

PhotoDune (post images) – $22

Host Gator (hosting) – $6

BoardBooster (Pinterest Scheduler) – $5

inlinkz – $1.67

Feedblitz – $1.34

Izea – $1

Total Expenses – $200.79


NET INCOME – $12.45


Traffic Overview

April 15 Traffic Overview


Top 10 Traffic SourcesApril 15 Top 10 Traffic Sources


Top Viewed Posts


What I’ve Been Up To This Month

Consistency Is Key

After taking the Pinning Perfect Pinterest eCourse I immediately started applying the fabulous tips and tricks that I learned. Although I would have liked to make the changes to my old posts quickly, I wasn’t able to. So I’ve been using stolen mommy moments when they are available. Well, that consistency has paid off. My pageviews were up 11,000 more than last month and I didn’t change a thing that I was doing.

I definitely recommend BoardBooster, which allows you to schedule out your pins. It’s the best $5 a month I could spend on my blog! Once a week I spend a couple hours mapping out what I’m going to pin for the week. It’s definitely been a sanity saver since I don’t have to pin at peak hours!

Do you use a scheduler?


What’s That Mission You Were Talking About?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Juice Plus is my new mission, and my blog is the perfect place for me to share it! (You can read all about my Juice Plus journey here.)

What is Juice Plus? It’s fruits and vegetables in capsules and chewables, protein and energy in shakes, and growing your own produce anywhere with a TowerGarden.

Why Juice Plus? As I’ve read the tons of income reports in the blogosphere I’ve noticed that a lot of people make money from selling a product, whether that be an ebook, oils, etc. Well, I don’t really know what I’d write an eBook about and while I may sell the oils someday, they’re not my driving passion like Juice Plus. After all, if you’re sharing about a product you have to be passionate about it, right?

Much like I have been doing with implementing the tips and tricks from the Pinterest eCourse, I’ve also been using stolen mommy moments to share about Juice Plus. I can’t wait to see where this journey leads!

Paying It Forward

A portion of this month’s income will be used to help an entrepreneur through Kiva. I’ll pair it with next month’s income and share who we helped! So exciting!

Now it’s your turn to share! What did you learn during the month of April?

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